Spine HMC

Super specialized care for spinal disorders with affordability.

About us


Introduction to HMC

Hayatabad Medical Complex (HMC) is a public sector major hospital of the province.it is one of the three major three hospitals in the province. It serves the people of KPK, FATA and adjacent areas of Afghanistan. HMC is providing treatment for nearly all kind of patients like Medicine, Surgery, Maternity, Pediatrics, Orthopedics, neurosurgery etc. it is a place for training of young doctors turning them into highly qualified specialist. Here students of Khyber girls medical college take there practical education. Trainee of college physicians and surgeons are trained here under supervision of highly qualified teaching staff.

Spine Unit HMC

All over the world spine surgery has into separate speciality. Spinal disordrer are treated by surgeons specifically trained in treating spinal disorders. In Pakistan there are only few centers in the country treating spine disorders exclusively.. Treatment of spinal disorders in HMC orthopedic department was long been started in 2003 by Prof Muhammad Arif. It was After a long 10 year efforts of him that finaly in 2011 a seprate spine unit was established in hmc as part of orthopedic department. Currently it is the only unit in the whole country in public sector exclusively treating spinal disorders.

Spinal disorders usually need a multidisciplinary approach, involving spine surgeon, physiotherapist, Orthotist and Rehab specialists. Surgery itself can be quite complicated and need very sophisticated equipments. It can become quite expensive, particularly if implants are used. Keeping in view all these facts, Govt of KPK established the Spine Unit in HMC, as the first Spine Unit in Public Sector. Staffed with highly qualified Spine surgeons and equipped with latest and most modern equipment, We at Spine HMC treat such diseases effectively and efficiently.

Main features of Spine HMC are:

  • Highly qualified surgeons are on the panel
  • Fully equipped with latest equipment needed for spine surgery.
  • Minimal invasive surgery
  • Affordable to most of the patients. Services and most of the medicines and disposables are provided free to all the Pakistani patients. Patients have only to pay for the implants.

The above feature could be seen while visiting our cases some of them provided under the link “we treated” on this website.

Mission statement

Our mission is “ to provide comprehensive Spine care to all Pakistani patients free of cost”


Spine hmc will be soon the leading center in treating spinal disorder not only in the country but in the Region.

The Spine HMC is Alhamdulillah proving to be the leading model not only for spine treatment but also is an advocate for such patients and is raising awareness for the welfare of spine patients in the region. We aim to develop a close network with agencies and health care providers locally (province and countrywide) and internationally.

What distinguishes us from other facilities

  • Highly qualified and trained Spine Surgeons.
  • Trained and well motivated staff.
  • Comprehensive spine care, including Physiotherapy, orthotist and other medical specialities like endocrinology, cardiology etc whose involvement at times becomes very important.
  • Teaching and training facilities, recognized by Pakistan Medical and Dental council, and College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan for training in Orthopedic Surgery.
  • Free of charge to all Pakistani patients. Patients has to pay only for the implants and limited dispoasablesTo see some of our treated cases please click here